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Dental Care in Moreno Valley, California

Located in Moreno Valley, California, Robert Silvola D.D.S. offers superior dental care for the entire family in a caring atmosphere.

Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry in Moreno Valley, California

Turn your frown into a proud smile with restorative and cosmetic dentistry services from Robert Silvola D.D.S. in Moreno Valley, California.

Restorative Fillings

Dental fillings restore the function and integrity of the missing structure on your tooth. We offer restorative fillings that are made of amalgam and composite materials. They are either silver or white, though we recommend white for a more natural look.

Crown Treatments

A crown covers your tooth when it has broken or decayed, and cannot be restored with a filling. With today's enhanced technology, crowns can be completed in as little as two appointments.

Natural Bonding

Bonding is an acrylic material that bonds to your tooth. It can be shaped and color matched to look like your normal teeth, which improves the look of your smile.

Porcelain Veneers

Enhance your smile with natural-looking porcelain veneers. Veneers cover your teeth and correct the ones that are a little crooked. For the best and most natural look, we match the veneers to the rest of your teeth.

Implant Crowns

Whenever you lose a tooth, we refer you to a trusted oral surgeon to give you the implants you need. Once the dental implants are in place, we put a crown on it so that it doesn't move around.

Dentures & Partials

When you need a set of dentures or partials, we offer any type you need. To get started, we take an impression and then send them to the lab for quick and efficient production. Once we get them in, we'll ask you to come back a few times to ensure that they fit correctly.

Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening

With Zoom! teeth whitening, you won't be afraid to show off those pearly whites. This treatment dramatically whitens your teeth to improve your smile. When performed in our office, it takes an hour and a half to complete, or we can provide you with a take-home kit to use at your leisure.
Are you ready to have a beautiful smile? Contact us in Moreno Valley, California, to schedule an appointment for cosmetic or restorative dentistry.